Agave shawii

Shaw's Agave

Plant family: Agavaceae - Agave


Plant type: Succulent

Plant origin: N/A, California

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One Gallon 307   18.99
Five gallon - Natural 33   64.99
Fifteen Gallon 0   179.00
2 gallon 3   39.99
4 inch Round 280   8.99

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Flower Color Yellow
Blooming Season Summer, Winter
Height 3-5 feet, 5-15 feet
Spread 1-5 feet
Sun / Shade   
Monthly Water
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Wildlife Friendliness Rating
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Coastal Sage Scrub

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Sand, Alkaline, Salt, Rocky

Special Characteristic

Attracts Wildlife, Fire Resistance, Good in Containers

Plant Highlights

This medium sized Agave grows to 2-3 feet tall in upright form. Additional suckers form at the base to create large stands. The blue-green colored leaves are upwardly curving and have bent spines along the margin as well as a terminal spine. This agave natuarally occurs in a narrow coastal band in San Diego county Baja Californica. Due to coastal building it is almost impossible to find this plant growing naturally north of the border now. This is a great accent plant for a dry garden, works exceptionally well in large containers on the patio, or use in mass plantings to mimic it's natural look. It will tolerate full sun to light shade and is hardy to 25 degrees F. Little irrigation is required. Flowering occurs on a tall stem about 20 years of maturity, after which the parent plant dies and is succeeded by numerous 'pups'.

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