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Just Practices


 Just Practices represent our commitment to operate Moosa Creek Nursery as an ethical and responsible business. It's simply our way of being a good neighbor, both locally and globally. The heart of these practices is our passion for being sustainable, environmentally sensitive and to genuinely love and respect all the people with whom we work. 

Because we are continually refining these practices to be more effective, we welcome your input and ideas. Just send us an email or make a comment on our blog

These practices are:



Minimal use of chemicals

We are proud of our growing system at Moosa Creek, which significantly reduces the use of chemicals. This not only helps protect the pristine 20 acre riparian habitat where we live with our children and work with our team members, but it actually makes our native plants tough as nails when their roots finally touch mother earth. Our growing system reduces pathogen development, provides regular application of biological disease i


Affordable pricing

We are passionate about increasing the enjoyment of native plants among households and businesses throughout southern California. Consequently, our plants are priced at a bare minimum with most plants priced under $10. Quite often we are asked how we can offer our plants for such great value. The answer is that our growing system reduces losses and our resellers share our passion and moderate margin for getting lots of great cho


Available at local garden centers

Historically native plants have been a specialty item, making them hard to find and more expensive. At Moosa Creek most of our plants are priced at $7.99 and up. This great everyday low price takes the risk out of the decision to try a native plant garden and moves native plant horticulture into the mainstream of southern California gardens. By providing Moosa Creek native plants at a multitude of retail nurseries gardeners never have far to drive to find their favorite native plants, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Moosa Creek as employer

Plant production is a labor intensive process. In fact, direct production labor represents more than half of our total operating costs. It is not easy to do the right thing with our team members but we are committed to try. Our compensation is at or above industry norms. And we have paid performance bonuses to most employees every year. This year we will formally be adding several paid holidays and finally we will publish an employee manual in English and Spanish. But most of all we care about and respect our team members. They are an important part of our family.


Plant of the Month supports Susita’s village

Each month we establish a plant of the month to promote in our newsletter. We take $.50 from each of those plants sold that month to give to PLANT WITH PURPOSE. This year we expect contributions from Plant of the Month, Seed sales and web site book sales to generate over $1,000 in contributions to the  

Seed sales support Susita’s Village

For every package of seed sold, $.50 is donated to PLANT WITH PURPOSE. This year we expect contributions from Plant of the Month, Seed sales and web site book sales to generate over $1,000 in contributions to the PLANT WITH PURPOSE organization.


Book sales support Susita’s village

Book sales are another way that we help fund the important work at PLANT WITH PURPOSE. For every book sale from our web site purchased through Amazon all of the commission (about 4% of the sale) will be donated to PLANT WITH PURPOSE.


Supporting our community

Discounts for habitat restoration projects and habitat gardens from qualified non-profit organizations help to promote the use and appreciation of native plants.