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Landscape Pros


Landscape contractors, architects and designers who know Moosa Creek plants, love Moosa Creek California native plants. We work hard at providing the kind of service and support that these landscape professionals deserve. Some of the specific capabilities that we provide include:

Large inventory of many hard to find California native plant species in sizes up to 24’ boxes.
Hardy plants that thrive when planted, minimizing replacement cost.
Great everyday prices with very competitive pricing on larger volume projects. Request a quotation to see just how competitive we are.
Delivery to Southern California is free depending on the size of the order. See our delivery minimums here.
Contract growing option available.
Upon approval of credit we offer 30 day terms.
Our California native plant substitution tool can be a great help when looking to develop California native plant substitutes for the most commonly used landscaping selections. To use the tool simply select the plant species you are trying to replace with a native and click the search button. The resulting plants can be sent directly to Moosa Creek for a quote. It's that easy.
Our Request a Quote tool is also a way we try to support landscape professionals. California native plant lists can be created using My Plant List and then exported directly to the Request a Quote tool. You can also attach a file from your computer or manually enter a list.


“I am impressed with the wide variety of species Moosa Creek Nursery has available for the landscape professional at competitive prices. I have found that the plants perform extremely well even in the most challenging conditions saving my company from costly replacements. It’s a pleasure working with Moosa Creek Nursery where the customer service is rapid, responsive, honest and friendly.”

Greg Rubin
California's Own Native Landscape

Native plant alternatives to traditional landscape choices can improve the ecology and water requirements of a project. This tool can help by providing suggested alternative to the most common non-native selections.

At Moosa Creek Nursery we have a large selection of California native plants available for your landscaping or restoration project. Many of the most popular species are grown from coastal and inland propagation stock, ...
* Prices charged by our retail nursery partners.
* Wholesale pricing availability is password protected. Wholesale customers please call 760-749-3216

Just Practices

Just Practices are the actions or practices that we follow in order to fulfill our Mission and Vision. Generally they help us to meet socially and environmentally responsible operating goals.